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Image Archives : Production

XMM mirror test, Liege, Belgium
XMM mirror tests, Liege, Belgium
XMM mirror testing, Liege, Belgium
Assembly of the XMM Mirror at Media Laria
Assembly of the XMM Mirrors at Media Laria
Production of the XMM mirror at Media Laria
Mirror production at Carl Zeizz, Oberkochen
Integration of the X-Ray Baffle onto the MSP mirror support platform with its 3 telescopes
Vibration testing of the XMM lower structural module at Estec, NL
Testing and mating of the upper & lower module, Noordwijk NL
Preparation of the lower FM module of XMM, vibration testing
Integration of the third flight module mirror in the XMM service module
Preparation of XMM to load in the container for transport to Kourou
Preparation of the upper module for (FM) thermal testing
Integration of the STM Mirrors on the mirror support platform at Estec, NL
Acousting testing of the complete XMM Spacecraft
Preparation of the lower FM module of XMM,
transport and rotating with lamp on into the LSS
Thermal testing of upper module in the LSS
Solar array deployment test

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