Classroom Materials

Stuff for your classroom! Includes educational activities, games, posters, information, and even a planetarium show based on XMM-Newton science.

Black Hole Rescue Space Place Black Hole Rescue!
In this game, you must rescue words, one letter at a time, before they are pulled in by the powerful gravity of the black hole
of one piece of the XMM-Newton ruler XMM-Newton Mission Ruler
This is an activity based on an English/metric ruler which featured XMM-Newton images and information. While the XMM-Newton ruler itself is no longer available, the activity can be used with any metric ruler and downloadable images from XMM-Newton.
image of the XMM-Newton supernova poster Supernova Educator Unit
The XMM-Newton E/PO group has developed a set of formal activities and background materials about supernovae. This has been jointly developed for Fermi and XMM-Newton.
image of the XMM-Newton CLEA activity "Dying Stars and the Birth of the Elements" CLEA Lab
In this computer-based exercise, high school and college students analyze realistically simulated X-ray spectra of a supernova remnant and determine the abundances of various elements in them.
image of the ladybug from activity "The eXtreme Universe" Stellarium Planetarium Show
This project, still in the development phase, is an X-ray digital planetarium show designed to be used in small portable planetaria.
image of a supernova Lesson Plans
Classroom-ready lessons for teachers and others interested in space science.
image of XMM-Newton An XMM-Newton puzzle!
Unscramble the image of XMM-Newton. Requires Java plug-in.
image of an X-ray of a hand X-ray Activity (PDF 1.21 Mb)
An activity for kids on how X-ray images are different from optical images.